Video Monetization Policy

If you record footage for live broadcast (on Twitch,, HitBox, etc.) and/or for hosted video (on YouTube, Vimeo,, etc.) with intent to derive income from said footage ("monetization"), please read carefully.

If you create video content using my work after July 2 2014, you do not have automatic permission to monetize that content. Permission to monetize is contingent on the nature of your work: if it is transformative (as in, my work combined with your contribution constitutes a unique work distinct from my content alone) I will consider it fair use and give you my blessing to monetize as you see fit. In plain English: if you combine footage of my work with something of your own creation to result in something humourous, informative, or instructive, then you are probably okay to monetize. This includes content that I do not personally like, but does not extend to content I find offensive or harmful to others.

If you create video content that is not transformative in the ways described above (i.e. a video consisting only of a recording of footage with nothing added) and is of sufficient length to divulge the majority of content within the work, then you do not have permission from me to monetize that video.

Obviously these are very vague terms without a very clear defining line. If you are unsure if you can monetize your video content containing footage of my work, contact me via email so we can discuss it.

In the end, I retain all rights to my content. Should I feel, based on this policy, that your video containing my work should not be monetized, I will contact you to attempt to resolve the situation. If a resolution cannot be reached this way, I will exercise my rights using the tools available wherever your videos may be hosted.

If you created video content on or before July 2 2014, then it falls under the previous policy allowing full monetization.