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<<if $Zombie_Zapper and $EscapeOut and $A_Game_For_Ana and $Josephine and $Ouroborn and $Apocalypse_Later>><<silently>><<set $game_over = true>><<endsilently>>[[So, now what?]]<<else>>So, now what?<<endif>><<if $EscapeOut>><<actions "Submit EscapeOut to the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart">><<endif>><<if $EscapeOut and $A_Game_For_Ana and $Josephine and $Apocalypse_Later>><<actions "Get your game on Newgrounds">><<endif>><<actions "Make a game at the GPCv6 LIVE! jam" "Apply for an internship at Untold Entertainment">><<if $internship_complete>><<actions "Participate in Ludum Dare 21" "Attend the Toronto Global Game Jam" "Work on some games for the GDC 2012 Pirate Kart" "Find a collaborator for TOJam 7">><<endif>><<if $firstgame>>* [[See the games you've made thus far|Everything you've made]]<<endif>>\n
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the game
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Imagine, for a little bit, that you were me. Allow me to place you in my shoes. It was March of 2011...\n\nAfter spending much of 2010 unemployed, [[embarrasing yourself|]] for free games, and proving to be a [[huge Playstation fanboy|]], you had become something of a [[videogames journalist|]]. Not a professional one, mind you; professionals get paid, and you weren't earning a dime. Still, it kept you close to games in a time when you really didn't have a focus for your life. That Bachelor's Degree in English hanging on your wall was a reminder that you had pointed your life in a direction you hadn't really wanted to, and now it was just drifting aimlessly between bill-paying call centre work and collecting unemployment cheques.\n\nSince you fancy yourself some kind of games news person, you've discovered a number of game developers and studios working locally in Toronto and followed them on Twitter. On this particular March day, they appear to be buzzing about something called an "IGDA night". Apparently some of the local game dev talent attended the 2011 Game Developer's Conference and are going to be sharing their experiences with everyone who couldn't go. It sounds interesting, but it also sounds like something that could be very intimidating and full of unwelcoming strangers. It's happening within walking distance of your workplace, you'll have plenty of time to make it there, and there's no cost to attend.\n\nSo, now what?\n* <<choice "Attend the IGDA GDC 2011 Postmortem">>\n* <<choice "Decide not to go">>
One night Ryan invites you out to a little social gathering at a local bar. When you arrive, you're introduced to [[Kris Piotrowski|]], [[Mare Sheppard|]], and [[Raigan Burns|]], important gamemakers in the city of Toronto. You realize that Ryan is doing everything he can to help raise your profile, and you can't thank him enough for that.<<silently>><<set $intern_drinks = true>><<endsilently>>\n<<display "Internactions">>
Working for the first time at [[Bento Miso|]], you decide to try and jam out some quick games to be submitted to the [[GDC 2012 Pirate Kart|]]. While [[Miguel Sternberg|]], [[Zoe Quinn|]], [[Cale Bradbury|]] and others work on awesome games, you find yourself struggling to focus. You know you can make something if you just plug away at it...\n\nSo, now what?\n* [[Make a game for your wife because it was Valentine's day recently|Make a game for your wife]]\n* [[Make a game about exploring mazes]]
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That's it. You've lived in my shoes through my growth as a game developer. You can [[play the games I've made and released thus far|Everything you've made]]. I'm available for freelance programming and collaboration; just send me an <html><a href="">email</a></html>. You can also keep up with my current projects on [[Twitter|]].\n\nI hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to send <html><a href="">feedback</a></html>.
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You attend a matchmaking session for the seventh [[Toronto Game Jam|]]. After being matched with several other potential collaborators in a speed-dating-like setting, you decide to partner with someone else entirely: [[Eric Weiss|]], local writer. Together with pixel artist [[Mladen Stambolija|]], you decide to try making a point & click adventure within the jam's 72-hour time limit.\n\nThe jam's theme is announced as "the world's NOT ending." Together, the three of you craft the tale of the world's worst doombringer. It's more work than you've ever put into a game before, but the result is pretty amazing for a game made in such a short span of time. You call it Apocalypse Later.\n<<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $Apocalypse_Later = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "Apocalypse Later">>\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
EscapeOut is included with the [[2012 IGF Pirate Kart|]], which is submitted for consideration for the 2012 Independent Games Festival awards. Since it consists of over 300 games, it comes as no surprise when the Kart fails to earn even a single award nomination.\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
David S Gallant is an independent game developer from Toronto, Ontario, who has been making games since March of 2011. He is available for freelance programming or project collaboration.\n\nEmail: <html><a href=""></a></html>\nTwitter: [[@davidsgallant|]]
A number of local folks manage to secure space at George Brown College to host a live session for the [[Global Game Jam|]]. Wearing your bathrobe to guard against the freezing-cold air conditioning of the provided computer labs, you code solo surrounded by the likes of [[Zoe Quinn|]] and [[Cale Bradbury|]]. The theme of the jam is an image of the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail.\n\nUsing PHP-MySQL-Flash integration techniques learned during your internship, you decide to experiment with a game that posts information to a server. Starting with a simple game of Snake as its basis, you develop a game where a dead player's score become points that other players can consume in future games. In the end, it adds nothing to the game and fails as an experiment; but it's an interesting experiment nonetheless.\n\nYou call the resultant game Ouroborn.\n<<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $Ouroborn = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "Ouroborn">>\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
David S Gallant
Surrounded by strangers in Toronto Metro Hall meeting room, you listen as folks like [[Jim McGinley|]] and [[Craig D. Adams|]] give [[their perspectives|]] on the 2011 Game Developer's Conference. These people are still strangers to you, but you get the sense that they are responsible for //things// going on in this city's game development community. It's a fascinating experience that also introduces you to Ryan Henson Creighton of [[Untold Entertainment|]].\n\nYou've got a long commute ahead of you, and you should probably head home; however, the IGDA is hosting a social at a nearby pub. It would be a great opportunity to actually meet some of these interesting people.\n\nSo, now what?\n* <<choice "Go to the social" "A couple drinks couldn't hurt; let's go to the social">>\n* <<choice "Head home" "It's getting late. I should probably head home.">>
Since you taught yourself HTML & CSS, and know enough PHP to get by, you agree to help maintain the various websites on the Untold Entertainment server.\n\nRyan keeps getting reports of malicious code nestled in his sites. You investigate and, sure enough, you discover some uncreative malware injected through a known Wordpress vulnerability. It takes time, but eventually the two of you manage to purge the bad code from the entire domain.\n\n[[Zombie Game World|]] and [[Tower Defense Game World|]] are two game portals that Untold maintains as a sort of experiment. Taking new art assets designed by other interns, you redesign the look of both sites, making them look pretty damn sweet.<<silently>><<set $intern_web = true>><<endsilently>>\n<<display "Internactions>>
[[About the Author]]
You have this idea for a really simple game; you end up having to make it even simpler because you can't manage to get the character to jump. The result is a pretty basic game that your wife absolutely adores.\n<<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $A_Game_For_Ana = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "A Game For Ana">>\n\n<<if $Josephine>><<display "Allactions">>\n<<else>>So, now what?\n* [[Make a game about exploring mazes]]<<endif>>\n
Ryan is a really talented teacher. Through several lessons he instils within you some of the core princples of programming, and gives you valuable experience working directly with Actionscript. You learn the value of using Classes and the joy of coding with [[FlashDevelop|]]. You experiment with server connectivity through PHP and MySQL accessed via Actionscript, and using this knowledge you develop a daily quote scramble game.<<silently>><<set $intern_learn = true>><<endsilently>>\n<<display "Internactions">>
You have what sounds like a really neat idea for a maze game, where the fidelity of the mazes become finer and finer while retaining the screen size. Unfortunately it ends up being really boring, and you don't enjoy the process of making it or the end product.\n<<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $Josephine = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "Josephine">>\n\n<<if $A_Game_For_Ana>><<display "Allactions">>\n<<else>>So, now what?\n* [[Make a game for your wife because it was Valentine's day recently|Make a game for your wife]]<<endif>>
The coworking space is some kind of open office setup converted from a bowling alley. You spend two full days there, sleeping in a side room to ensure you don't burn out. You meet [[Jason Kaplan|]], the founder of the Game Prototype Challenge; [[Troy Morrissey|]] of [[D.A.R.C. Productions|]], who gives you an awesome teacher a few months later for attending the event; [[Damian Sommer|]], [[Michael Todd|]], [[Rachel Kahn|]], and [[Jon Remedios|]]. These people continue to inspire you.\n\nOver the course of the two-day jam, you explore a game-making tool called [[Stencyl|]] It's rough going; you have to relearn math you'd forgotten since high school. Still, you perservere. With a little help from your fellow game jammers, and an online chat room for Stencyl users, you manage to complete your first game.\n\nYou call it Zombie Zapper. <<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $Zombie_Zapper = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "Zombie Zapper">>\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
You know what they say about "nothing ventured". After another twenty minutes of being a voyeuristic observer of this IGDA social, you decide to just settle your bill and depart.\n\n<<display "Head home">>
The [[Ludum Dare|]] is a remote game jam/competition, meaning that you can't work on it surrounded by like-minded people. The weekend of the jam happens to be one where you have to travel back and forth between your home and your mother-in-law's house, so between that and oversleeping, you end up programming for about 24 of the alloted 48 hours.\n\nUsing a tutorial to begin working with [[Flixel|]], you develop a simple breakout game with a little twist to match the Ludum Dare 21's theme of "escape".\n<<silently>>\n<<if $firstgame neq true>><<set $firstgame = true>><<endif>>\n<<set $EscapeOut = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<display "EscapeOut">>\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
You aren't his typical intern applicant, but somehow you manage to make an impression on Ryan. He accepts you into his program; in exchange for helping out with Untold Entertainment's websites, Ryan offers to teach you Actionscript programming and the general ins & outs of operating a game studio.\n<<display "Internactions">>
You submit EscapeOut, A Game For Ana, Josephine, and Apocalpyse Later to [[your Newgrounds page|]]. They are fairly well received, averaging around three out of five stars.\n\nOne day, without you knowing, A Game for Ana gets featured on the Newgrounds front page. It gets viewed over 11,000 times! Your wife is pretty impressed and very proud of you.\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
It's crowded at the Elephant & Castle, and full of people you do not know. You get a seat in the corner and order a cider, looking around for someone recognizable, someone to talk to.\n\nTwo ciders down and you are still looking. Truth is, you're far too nervous to broach a conversation with any of these people. I mean, what would you even talk about? This is an entirely different world.\n\nYou notice Craig Adams wandering around, touching base with scattered groups of people. He's socializing, as one should at an event called a "social". You think back to his talk, and his mentions of something called "#sworcery"... you've heard that name bandied about on Twitter and you still have no idea what it might refer to.\n\nYou can't muster the courage to talk to anyone, but you have an idea for a tweet...\n\nSo, now what?\n* <<choice "Tweet @the1console" "Send a tweet to Craig Adams saying that you are just a few feet from him and want to ask him about #sworcery, but are too nervous to do so.">>\n* <<choice "Don't creepy tweet" "Don't be creepy; refrain from sending a stalker-like tweet">>
<<if $Zombie_Zapper>>[[Zombie Zapper]]<<endif>>\n<<if $EscapeOut>>[[EscapeOut]]<<endif>>\n<<if $Ouroborn>>[[Ouroborn]]<<endif>>\n<<if $A_Game_For_Ana>>[[A Game For Ana]]<<endif>>\n<<if $Josephine>>[[Josephine]]<<endif>>\n<<if $Apocalypse_Later>>[[Apocalypse Later]]<<endif>>
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\n<<silently>><<if $intern_drinks and $intern_web and $intern_learn>><<set $internship_complete = true>><<endsilently>><<endif>><<if $internship_complete>>You spend a total of seven months with Untold, and leave a much stronger and better-connected developer than ever.\n<<display "Allactions">><<else>>So, now what?\n<<actions "Work on the Untold websites" "Learn Actionscript from Ryan" "Go out for drinks">><<endif>>
You decide that attending this IGDA event is too intimidating a prospect. Plus, it'll make you get home really late and you probably wouldn't have gotten much out of it anyways.\n\nYou stick to your dead-end job for another year. Eventually you realize that 2012 is half over and you still have no idea where your life is headed. Casually you wonder to yourself if things could have ever turned out differently if you had made different choices in life.\n\nIt's at this point that I step in. I tell you that I'm willing to let you have one do-over, because you've really gone and fucked things up. I offer to let you do one thing differently: to make the other choice from that fateful night in March of 2011. Before you can object or make any other requests, I throw the hyperlink up in front of you. The only thing left for you to do is click.\n\nSo, now what?\n* <<choice "Attend the IGDA GDC 2011 Postmortem">>
Despite feeling a little bit like an internet stalker, you send the tweet to [[@the1console|]]. Of course, nothing happens right away. You refresh Twitter every other minute for the next fifteen minutes; no response. You decide that you've embarrassed yourself enough and prepare to leave.\n\nSuddenly, someone is asking your name. It's Craig! He recognized you by your Twitter avatar - you just so happen to be wearing the same shirt tonight. He's genuinely excited to explain Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery to someone who knows nothing about it, and you spend the next twenty minutes talking to him about his iPhone-centric video game narrative experiment. You go into "journo mode" for a bit and ask the usual questions - release date, platforms, how the gameplay works - and he answers them all in stride. Eventually he apologizes that there are a lot of other folks he also wants to speak with and politely excuses himself. Part of you is storing this information to write up into an article later, but the other part of yourself really could care less about that; you just saw the pure enthusiasm of a game creator sharing his ideas, and it's something you want to experience for yourself.\n\n<<display "Head home">>
You arrive home at an ungodly late hour. You don't sleep very well, and you head to work the next day severely deprived of sleep. Still, something has changed. Something within you is eager. You've seen a world that you want to be a part of. \n\nSo, the next day you start becoming a part of it.\n\nA couple of recent tweets catch your attention. One is about an upcoming video game jam called [[The Game Prototype Challenge|]]. While it's usually a thing where people participate remotely, the upcoming GPCv6 has booked space in coworking office for the final weekend of the seven-day jam. It's a little out of the way, but it might be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.\n\nThe other tweet came from [[Ryan Henson Creighton|]]. Seems he's looking for interns, and while you're no longer in school, you can't help but think that an internship with a local game development studio would be a great learning experience.\n\n<<display "Allactions">>
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