Restart Story

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by David S Gallant, age 10
Tony turkey ran away from the farm just before Thanksgiving. To avoid being noticed by the farmer, he disguised himself as Captain James T. Kirk.\n\n<html><p class="centeredImage"><img src="tony_turkey.JPG"></p></html>\nHe set off through the forest. Soon he came to a very strange machine. He stepped inside and looked around. He saw a sign with an arrow pointing to a button. The sign said //touch//. Above the sign there was a small screen. He pressed the button. Suddenly, the screen said //Don't//! "Oh, no!" said Tony. \n\nTony looked outside and saw the farmer coming at him with a knife.\n\nIf Tony runs, <<choice "Page 2" "pg. 2">>\nIf Tony pushes the button again, <<choice "Page 3" "pg. 3">>
Tony pushed the button. All of a sudden, he was sitting in the Captain's chair of the Enterprise!\n \n<html><p class="centeredImage"><img src="enterprise.JPG"></p></html>\nThen Tony said "fire!" and watched as a photon torpedo flashed across the screen, blowing up a Romulan warbird. Tony soon finds out that he stopped a Federation-Romulan war and is a great hero! Tony will have a great timer aboard the Enterprise discovering the Undiscovered Country.
Tony runs but the farmer gets him.\n\nthend.
Tony the Turkey